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Future Wings Services/Offerings

Eligibility Assessment

Find out your eligibility in free assessment service

Our FREE online Assessment will help you find out if you are eligible to apply for a Visitor Visa, Student Visa or Immigration. Kindly fill in few of your details below to take FREE ASSESSMENT.

Application Processing

    The most important aspect of moving abroad starts by filing a successful application in relevant category of the desired country. Once we are appointed as a trusted partner in submission of your application, we handhold our clients through the entire process which includes:

  • Detailed Evaluation and verification of our applicant’s documents such as education proofs, professional experience, asset information and other supporting documents before submission of the application
  • Successful preparation and submission of accurate application to the concerned country’s visa office after due diligence and review of all the supporting documents
  • Provide a Single-Point-of-Contact from our end to manage all the communication with the visa office till the time of visa issuance stage
  • Educate our clients about all the aspects and stages of the application processing including Processing Time, File Status, Interview Process, Medical Process etc

Visa Counselling

Visa application process can be extremely tedious procedure and people are often rendered clueless. At Future Wings Visa Counselling Service, we offer our clients a panel of highly trained professionals with profound knowledge and years of experiences in the Visa Application Processes for different countries. Our clients can discuss their current or prospective visa applications in detail with our professionals over a phone call or in person.

Our team equips our clients with an in-depth knowledge of the immigration process for their desired country of immigration. Our consultants assist our clients at every stage of visa process and answer all their queries to eliminate their concerns.

Interview Preparation

Our Interview Preparation Program helps our clients to succeed in one-to-one interview rounds. Before visa processing, we extend support to our clients through a specially designed in-house English coaching and interview preparation session. Our session have been found useful for all types of visa applications and also assist our clients in their post-landing transition.

Study Visa Assistance Program

    Majority of clientele under Study Visa are for first time stepping out of the country for study purpose. This critical step shapes up their future lives.

    We at Future Wings understand the importance of selection of right country and course. Our experts from our Study Visa Assistance Program team extend their support to our clients in all the different stages which include:

  • Selection of Course Sometimes students are confused about the right course selection, we at Future Wings help them to scrutinize the best courses available. We also give them choices wherever applicable according to the need of the student.
  • Universities/Institutes Selection We aim at helping students to shape up their career and one of the key step involved is to select right universities with right academic program. Our experts guide students in mindful selection to ensure their objectives are met.
  • Admission Guidance Our seasoned admission officers assist students to know the exact admission procedure. The admission procedures vary from university to university and from country to country.
  • IELTS Assistance If you are yet to take an IELTS exam, our experts guide and connect students to the right platform to ensure they clear the exam competently. In case students have less IELTS scores, our team would still be able to provide them with a variety of other options ensuring they can make the most out of the opportunities awaiting ahead.
  • Pre-Departure Briefing We handhold students with Last minutes preparations to avoid panic and ensure a hassle free and memorable journey for those aspirants who have never traveled overseas before. We also provide key information about the destination country.
  • Accommodation Assistance Our responsibilities do not finish only with sending the students across to their desired University/Institute. We make sure they have a pleasant and a comfortable stay during their tenure overseas.
  • Occupational Guidance Our experts provide Professional Guidance on the client’s intended occupation in the destination country. We assist them in preparing resume as per international standard format as required by employers.
  • Bank Loans Furthermore, we help student with bank loans if required.
  • School Program Within Study Visa division of Future Wings, we also expertise in School Programs for students who want to have their secondary education from overseas.

Post-Landing Services

We understand that moving to a new country is a big step needing proper planning and specific answers to vital re-settlement issues. Our clients are our responsibility until they reach their destination in the most convenient way. To ensure that we facilitate:

  • Travel Arrangements
  • Once the visa is being granted, we help our clients with travel arrangements so that they can have a smooth journey.

  • Post Arrival Services
    • Assisting our clients with essential and useful information about the country and city of landing
    • Providing professional guidance related to their intended occupation
    • Forwarding of move plan of our clients to our business associates in respective countries well in advance of their landing for assisting them during transition
    • Assisting our clients (if opted) to book accommodation through our associates for first few weeks before they identify a place of their choice
    • Guidance of our migrating clients for admission of children of clients in school / college / university.
    • Extending Information regarding Public transportation, Income Tax structure and more in respective country and/or Province/State.
    • Assisting our migrating clients with free access to various job banks through government and other private placement agencies.